Started in business April 2009

We are a small development, firm that caters primarily to startups in red-hot business environments. Our goal is to help you grow without hemorrhaging cash to this or that code illiterate consultant. The following is how we achieve this endpoint…

In the past, we used to believe that full service solutions were the best route, but this has changed over the years. Technology makes self-managed DIY systems a reality. If you believe you can self-manage your website, you owe it to yourself to at least talk to us -tell us your sad story about how you got screwed by this agency or that agency’s promise…

We develop web software with the goal of teaching others to remain independent of 3rd party managed systems, and yes, it is fair to ask why. There are many pitfalls in “managed solutions” because most managed systems are fault intolerant systems with long fix times or just because of employee turnover. Although managed solutions have the illusion of being all things to all PR departments, they are frequently responsible for raping businesses of much needed profits due to the high cost of that same “management”. We disdain the unnecessary sponsorship of bureaucratic dependency on other companies! We want to teach you how the web tech world is liberating businesses.

There is no need to put yourself in a financial hoosegow over information or a simple store front.

All you basically need, is to jump start a few teachable individuals who are able to then teach others, unless, you are that person! You do not need to be braininess. Let us train one or more of your best and brightest to understand the system we can build, and then as a future condition of employment, require your new ‘geeks’ to train others. Unless you plan on paying us, or some other affordable management firm, it is far better for you to self-manage as much of your system, content, and essential business web services as possible. A significant percentage of your company net profits for the long-term will be saved if this task is done early on.

When we started, we had clients who wanted everything done for them, and they would pay us to manage the most mundane of content, typos and graphics, minor html/style problems, and a host of other basic issues. After a while some would naturally complain that it was costing way to much to maintain their site(s).  Soon enough, we found a way to train even the most reluctant of technophobes. We simply make it fun and entertaining in a pleasant atmosphere that builds confidence. We pay for restaurant meals, StarBucks in the morning, etc. There are no rugby style scrums, just fun and laughter. It seems to work every time!