Miles Maretich

Miles-MaretichX200Dev Ops / Programmer/ System Architectures
3668 Plymouth Rock Cove, Lehi, UT 84043
Phone: 801-901-8933  E-Mail:




  • Server Administration
    • Server cost analysis.
    • Nginx, PHP, FPM.
    • MySQL, Postgres, Mongo, Elastic.
    • Security
    • Log analysis
    • SSH control
    • Magento vulnerability fixes.
    • Performance bottleneck fixes using CloudFlare.
    • Clustered MariaDB.
    • Use of NodeJS plus SailsJS for creating a working micro e-commerce stores that are more than simple landing pages. Milestones:
      • NodeJS securely transacting the payment API
      • Initialized a standard order system.
      • Initialized automatically recurring orders.
  • Create a membership driven store with periodic billing.
  • Do migration, upgrades, and system modifications to Magento.
    • Blend code recipes into Magento 0.9+ for the store and admin processing.
    • Override the core Magento rendering methods for increased flexibility-performance
    • Aid third party front-end designers with their goals.
    • Unit test and debug.
  • Do various secure payment gateway integration’s with bank/credit card companies.
  • Create modules for Magento using PHP.
    • Create periodic order shipment methods with dynamic shipping costs.
    • Create customer billing and invoicing.
  • Setup and use of:
    • Git and Mercurial SCM’s
    • Node (as non-root user and group)
    • Nginx (and sub components)
    • Node frameworks
      • Sails
      • Grunt or Gulp
      • Express
  • PHP frameworks
    • Zend
    • Laravel
    • Cake
  • REDIS for session data.
  • Elastic for search indexing and delivery to system queries.
  • MongoDB for data storage and river to Elastic.
  • Angular