Website Owners!
Don't be fooled by what you see on the outside, the real treasure lies hidden deep within

Focused For You

Start-ups, technology matching, and training.
You Are Unique

Your website has to grow from the inside out. Look outside at the graphic appeal and just dream on; look at the gears inside; awaken your difference. Vision will clarifies when you know what you are capable of! Look outside and dream; look inside at the technology and awaken.
Focus #1 is…
Create Unique Ideas.

Move That Mountain

You are looking for a development firm that will push your job through a difficult period. Competition is heavy and your website needs help. You think –Sure would be nice if a tech warrior could fight for me– You need error free results with right match of firepower and design.
Focus #2 is…
Move that Mountain Safely.


Define your site. Got fish? OK, build a site to fish, and do not be squeamish about baiting hooks with messy CTA’s and promotions. Brochures never catch fish! A Web design is interactive, it dangles, wiggles, glows; etc. Put many hooks on a long line. Budget for a long trip.
Focus #3 is,
Setup, Baiting, Casting, Landing, and SEO.


Your Doctor saves your life, a coworker finishes a brief on time, someone perfect is at the party, programmers in a t-shirts and shorts debug something important and we call them all professional. The primary point is this, others define what is professional. Professional is YOU happy.
Focus #4 is…
Your Happiness Means the World To Us!


Honed to perfection in startup environments, Our skills sets get the job done!
Everything you see here is real world and business-friendly.

  • Perform a server /performance analysis, stack install and train your best people.

  • Setup /train in semi-technical critical services like, G-Apps, email servers like MailChimp, domain controllers

  • Setup secure payments gateways, and working data for product warehouses, data migration and more.

  • Full compliance checks /training/ policies /procedures /data handling, and secure your networking protocols for compliance!

  • Server Administration
  • Critical Services
  • Integrations
  • PCI Compliance


Miles Maretich
Lead Developer
I am a lead programmer offering extensive experience in several languages. Integrating administrative and user needs into technologically up-to-date, cost-effective, secure and user-friendly solutions is my specialty.
John Maretich
E-Commerce Consultant, Programmer-Developer
I offer an excellent business skills set developed in a startup environment and I have a passion to learn and to increase my programming skills. I am versitile with SQL and NOSQL. You may see from my profile that I exceed most technical and business qualifications.
Allen Hand
SEO / Content Writer
I started writing content in 1999 for small websites and blogs. By 2004, SERP\’s were getting more difficult and SEO was born. Now SEO has become complex. I keep abreast of the latest methods to bring your site into popularity.

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